Conference of New Breeding Techniques

Conference on
New Breeding Techniques - regulate or not to regulate
26-27 September 2016
Hungarian Academy of Sciences: 1051 Budapest, Széchenyi István sqr. 9.

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Aims of the conference: The new precision genome editing (PGE) techniques are currently widely discussed as key elements in the new breeding methods serving the agricultural innovation also in Europe. Unfortunately among the EU member states, there is no consensus on the use of GM technology in agricultural practices. In this hostile climate our scientific community is particularly concerned and feels an utmost importance in emphasizing the significance and the potentials of the PGE techniques and to engage the European agricultural policy for a supportive attitude towards this new innovation, which stance should be represented at the Council meetings as well in shaping the associated EU regulation.
Lecturers confirmed: Joachim Schiemann (Germany), Holger Puchta (Germany), Agnes Ricroch (France), Eva Stoeger (Austria), Dénes Dudits (Hungary), László Hiripi (Hungary), Attila Molnár (Scotland), Tom Lawrenson (UK), Bhanu Telugu (USA), Kristin M Whitworth (USA).
Round table discussion: Moderated by Jeremy Sweet (UK). Panel members: Ivo Frebort (Czech Republic), Tomasz Twardoswski (Poland), Elena Rákosy Tycan (Romania), Borut Bohanec (Slovenia).
Supported by
Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Europabio, USDA and the OTP Bank.
hétfő, szeptember 26, 2016 - 13:30 to kedd, szeptember 27, 2016 - 13:00